Technology Center

The Technology Center of Jilin Yuantong Mineral Co., Ltd. now has 42 employees, and has 18 professional technicians who are engaged in the development and research of diatomaceous earth, and has more than 20 sets of advanced diatomite special testing instruments at home and abroad. Testing items include: Crystalline silicon content of diatomaceous earth products, chemical composition such as SiO2, A12O3, Fe2O3, TiO2; particle distribution, whiteness, permeability, wet density, screening residue, lead, arsenic and other trace heavy metal elements required for food safety, soluble iron ions, soluble aluminum ions, PH value and other items needed to be tested.

The center is currently the only “enterprise technology center of Jilin Province” for domestic diatomite mining and processing companies in China.

The center has conducted technical cooperation with a number of well-known colleges and research institutes in China. A number of scientific research achievements have been transformed to a huge profit for the company. The products have filled a number of diatomite applications in China.